Looking to create more room around the house and store seasonal items such as holiday decorations, bikes, hunting equipment, or just needing an extra closet for your clothes? Have a garage so full of stuff that you can't even safely park your vehicle? Needing temporary storage while you move or renovate your home? We’re the place to look to for help! Whether you are selling your current home, renovating, or have just run out of space, All-American Self Storage is the place to store your extra property.


If you’ve never heard the term “climate control,” you’re not alone. This is a term used in the storage industry to describe a unit that’s heated and cooled. What does this term mean for you? First and foremost, it’s important for you to know that not all storage units are climate controlled. That means your valuable items might be subjected to dramatic swings in temperature, which can have negative effects on antiques, photographs, artwork, and electronics. In contrast, a climate-controlled space is equipped with heating and air conditioning. This allows us to keep your unit at a consistent temperature year round. With climate control, your belongings are better protected against humidity, extreme temperatures, and rapid temperature fluctuations, which are all common causes of damage. At All-American Self Storage, we’ll help you determine if climate control is right for you and your belongings.


Going home for the summer and need somewhere to store your valuables? Contact our helpful team and let us help you find the perfectly sized storage unit.


Don't have anywhere to park your trailer, boat, RV, or extra vehicle? Your neighborhood HOA won't allow you to park your RV at your home? We have parking or drive-up units for all of your recreational motor vehicles and trailers.