Packing & Moving Supplies

unique supplies to make any move easier on you!

There are already so many steps that go into the moving process without having to track down boxes and other packing supplies. It’s easy to forget to pick up the boxes you need, which would normally result in a stressful move-in day. Luckily, our offices sell a wide variety of supplies to keep you moving!

At all 7 facilities we offer Chataeu products that include the following:

  • King, Queen, Full, Twin, Sofa, Chair, and Dust Covers
  • Small, Medium, Large, and Wardrobe Boxes
  • Small and Large Bubble Wrap
  • Glass and Dish Insert Kits
  • Newsprint/Wrapping Paper
  • Tape Guns
  • Ainti-Pick, Anti-Cut, Rust Free Disc Locks

Contact one of our individual locations for specific pricing and details.

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